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Protect Your AC UNIT Today


Glass Window
White Structure

Two-way Mirror Glass Installation

Dual Reflective Architectural Residential & Commercial Window Film is the perfect solution for both privacy, heat reduction & style. This film truly creates HD View while keeping the sunlight and reducing the heat. It blocks up to 99% of the UV and delivers the highest level of privacy. During the day, the sunlight creates glare on the surface of the mirror, preventing people from seeing inside, while still allowing natural light to enter the room.

Office Building

Clear Ceramic UV Heat Reduction

Sun Flare Protection has been one of the most trusted names in providing a more comfortable atmosphere inside. The sun is still shining lets get your AC UNIT stress lowered today.

Installing a Large Glass Window

Commercial Window Tinting

Sun Flare Protection is committed to getting the job right. You can count on us to give your business that completed look, while dramatically reducing your AC Unit Stress.

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